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Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum
Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency par excellence. Created back in 2009, it is the best known and most used virtual currency. Also the highest value, and by far. Although it is not the only one. Ethereum has become the second most popular virtual currency used by users. Created in 2013, it has known how to evolve in the market, despite the enormous fluctuations it suffers.

Similarities between Bitcoin and Ethereum:

The common aspects between the two are the basics of any cryptocurrency. Both are used like a coin and have their own symbolism. In addition, in both cases its use is registered in blockchains. And once a transaction is made there is no going back possible.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used to pay, buy, or to store currency as a store of value. It should also be noted that in the case of cryptocurrencies, the value moves between the participants. There is no middle man.

Differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum

The first difference we find is when dividing the integer part of the value of the coins in decimals. In the case of Bitcoin, it reaches 8 decimal places. But that is not the case in the case of Ethereum, which reaches 18 decimal places. The smallest units of Bitcoin are milli bitcoin, micro bitcoin, and satoshi, which is the smallest of all. In the case of Ethereum, the ether currency is divided into: finney, szabo, shannon, babbage, lovelaces and wei.

Another big difference is the number of coins in each of them. In Bitcoin there is a maximum limit of coins that will be generated. This limit is located at 21 million coins. But, Ethereum does not have such a limit. This causes Ethereum to become an inflationary system.