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Forex myths

Forex myths
In life, every type of business or situation is usually accompanied by a series of myths that are born from the ignorance of people who do not use it.
For this reason, below we are going to expose a series of myths that surround this market.
What these myths do is promote fear of trading and create a misconception of all this and the way in which it works.
– Forex only works with short-term strategies: This is totally false, because in fact short-term strategies produce a large amount of risk.
– Forex trading is easy: it is certainly not excessively difficult but it does imply that prior studies of the market and trade are carried out so that in this way they can be good traders. It is important to remember that no job is excessively easy.
– You need to predict everything that happens in the market: this is false. It is true that there is one or another strategy that does things similar to this, but it is not as easy as predicting. To be able to trade, technical and fundamental analyzes are made, which help you understand the current market situation and based on this you can carry out an operation.}
– You need a lot of money to be a trader: BIG NO. The truth is that this is not even close to the truth, since to be a trader you will only need the amount that you can or want to invest and this can be even $ 50. This will also depend on the platform you choose, since sometimes they put minimum investment.
You should always be aware of any of these comments and try to guide people who believe these things as this may be leading them away from a life with many successes and benefits.