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Forex personalities

Forex personalities
Everyone in the Forex world has a trading personality, our emotions, skills, and knowledge come together to create a personality that requires a carefully crafted trading plan and strategy to succeed. Let’s see what are some of the archetypes out there!
The Quick and Silent Sniper
The sniper is a trader who has a lot of patience, who sits quietly and waits. At their side are the predefined perfect conditions for entry and exit. The sniper waits and waits.
Once the sniper sees their preset conditions met, they pull the trigger on their trade. They’ll only shoot one bullet but it’ll be spot on the mark. This trader personality behavior is typically found in traders who are trading specific levels. They spend time carefully analyzing key levels, support or resistance, supply and demand, Fibonacci levels, etc.
The Scalper
This is the type of trader that is aggressive. They find themselves in many intermediate levels in the range of the rally cycle and often try to exploit and take advantage of many trades, expecting to make low profits.
Usually, these trades have a risk-reward ratio of 1 to 1 or less. Scalpers tend to not risk more than they want to earn.
The Artillery Barrager
These are traders who go with trial and error and just put as much out there as possible. They go on a specific level and then try multiple entries around key levels until it works.
They enter and exit and take fast and small losses, and take a lot of trades until they hit a big one which covers all the previous losses. We call it artillery because you don’t need exact time or placement. You blast out over a large area and when something hits, it hits hard and makes up for the misses.

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