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How to be a forex pro?

How to be a forex pro?
1. Find a Forex broker with a good reputation
The first step in becoming a professional Forex trader, is to find a reputable forex broker who offers competitive trading conditions, powerful trading platform technology and excellent client support. It’s also important that your selected broker offers reliable account features including low spreads, fast execution and negative balance protection.
2. Understand trading capital
Forex traders don’t need a big amount of capital to begin in trading, as they can trade on margin. This refers to the amount of money required in their trading account in order to open a position. For example, if they want to open a $300,000 position, $3,000 of funds on deposit is required for a 1% margin. There are forex brokers that require as low as $50 to open an account and begin trading.
3. Demo trade first
If they wish to become a professional trader and achieve regular success from their trades, it is always advised to try a demo account first. This gives them the opportunity to develop their trading strategy, practice it, and increase their trading confidence. This is also the ideal time to familiarise themself with the trading platform and locate everything with ease.

4. Educate yourself
In order to trade with success on the foreign exchange market, it is essential that they have a solid forex trading education. They need to educate themself as much as they can about the market, and understand that the education never stops beyond the demo trading period.
5. Always trade forex with discipline
Discipline is a crucial part of Forex trading. To become a professional trader who makes consistent profits, traders need to implement stop loss and take profit orders to protect against unanticipated market reversals and minimise risk. These should be predefined before any trade is placed and should only be placed once traders have carried out in-depth market analysis.