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What are Telegram trading signals?

What are Telegram trading signals?
In every single market, there are a variety of companies that provide advanced and sometimes accurate trading signals in the Forex markets. Some of these companies have been in the market for many years and are already offering users the possibility to improve their trading strategies and increase their profits. Currently, Telegram is a great messaging application where you can find several FX channels that will provide you with great content and signals in a wide range of FX markets.

Telegram forex signals are detailed trade ideas for a currency pairs made by experienced forex market traders and analysts sent out via Telegram messenger app (similar to WhatsApp).

Here are some of the trading signals providers in Telegram out there:

This Telegram channel is providing VIP and normal Forex signals to traders from all over the world. They have 7,000 members and they share information about FX markets and trades in a large number of currencies.
The company provides instant signals notification, 24/7 support and a customized and flexible plan for all of the traders. At the moment, they have not been registered by Safe.Trading as a recognized forex trading signals provider.

Is a Forex Telegram group that provides signals for the FX market. They provide a wide range of services, including Copy Trading, which is great for newcomers, account management, between 50 and 100 pips on a daily basis and 500 pips weekly.


This FX trading signals Telegram group is providing trading signals to 32.6K members from different locations. They share a live report and they also have a free signals channel for users and clients.


This is one of the largest FX trading signals groups in the market with almost 30k users. They claim to have been selected the “Best Forex Trader in AFRICA 2017.” They are also providing 100% free signals in the FX market and lessons related to how to better trade this market.
Moreover, they use WhatsApp to provide information to clients that are following the trading advice of ForexAmg. In the future, this site could expand its services on Telegram. At the moment, their main line of business is located in WhatsApp.
We encourage our readers to go and try theses groups on their own and verified if they provide an accurate service, don’t go with full trust right away and always have precautions!