The best forex brokers offer three essential benefits for beginners. First and most significant, they are a trusted and steady brand that offers accessible web-based platforms. Second, they provide a wide range of educational resources. Third, they provide access to standard market research. When it comes to forex trading, you use a forex broker, also known as a currency trading broker, to maintain your trade. When you trade forex, you have to sell or buy currency pairs, e.g., “EUR/USD.”

Here is the summary of best forex brokers for beginners:


The Plus500 is a straightforward web-based trading platform. It is ideal for the beginners of Forex and CFD traders. On the one hand, the Plus500 platform only offers fundamental features and lacks depth when it comes to research and trading tools. Overall it is best for beginners.

Market.Com is a new trader platform that is easy to use. On the other hand, is expensive and lacks features of rich trading tools that need to compete with the best trading platform. Overall this platform is easy to use, but it is expensive.


eToro is the best trading platform for copy trading. In 2020 this platform is a winner for its easy-to-use copy trading platform where the trader can copy other traders’ trades across more than 1900 devices, including CFDs on popular cryptocurrencies.

SAXO bank

This platform is for those traders who can afford a minimum deposit of USD 10,000 minimum deposit (for UK 500 GBP). This platform has competitive pricing, brilliant research, excellent trading platform, trustworthy customer service, and more than 40,000 devices to trade.


EasyMarket is best known for its branded web-based platform. This platform is easy to use and offers two basic friendly features: Deal Cancellation and Freeze Rate. Low point features of EasyMarket include the Forex market research tool and offers only 168 devices for trading and a modest mobile app.

Our Best Trustable Profitable Brokers

Trustable Broker

With a minimum deposit of
$ 250
  • Credit card deposit
Pietro Brocca
Pietro Brocca@pietrobrocca93
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I broker sono regolamentati e affidabili, inoltre ti affidano un manager che ti segue passo passo per tutti i passaggi
Massimiliano Vianello
Massimiliano Vianello@maxviane63
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Ho imparato come diversificare il mio capitale sotto vari asset per avere una gestione del rischio più oculata
Alessandro Botola
Alessandro Botola@alebotola92
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Ho iniziato a vedere sin da subito i primi guadagni, pur tenendo un profilo di rischio basso
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