Forex for speculation

Previous Next Forex speculation is the game in trading. At some point, every trader has to click on “buy” or “sell” and focus on a position depends upon their analysis, although there is no success assurance. Unluckily for traders, the market can have a very different perspective of the market, leading to a severe momentary […]

Common risk factors in forex trading

Previous Next Any investment that offers potential returns also carries some risk factors. You may lose more than the value of your transaction when trading at a margin. Forex trading includes trading of currency pairs. It also has some risk factors described below: Exchange rate risk A change in currency value causes the exchange rate […]

Best forex brokers for beginner

Previous Next The best forex brokers offer three essential benefits for beginners. First and most significant, they are a trusted and steady brand that offers accessible web-based platforms. Second, they provide a wide range of educational resources. Third, they provide access to standard market research. When it comes to forex trading, you use a forex […]

Three types of forex technical indicators

Previous Next Forex indicators are one of the most daunting aspects of trades for those with little trading skills. Understanding how to use them is essential for successful forex trading.  Understanding Forex indicators A Forex indicator is a computer script which performs straight within the platform for your trades, and regularly plot outlines or some […]

The psychology of trade profit targets

Previous Next Learning how to close trades at the most positive price level is as important as entering trade rightly. Yes, because what determines your overall profits and loss in the forex market are these two conditions, your entry time or exit. This article explains the psychology of profit targets and the odds of winning […]

Stop Loss & Take Profit to trade forex

Previous Next These orders are exceedingly essential towards helping you to do proper management of forex risks and helping you to close trades in profits. Stop-Loss Orders Stop-loss order is utilized by a trader to automatically close an open position when the trade is moving against him or her. You can choose a particular price […]

Introduction to Forex trading signals

Previous Next If you want to trade forex, you need to gain at least a basic understanding of all features of the forex market. One of the things you must learn is how to use forex signals to trade to your advantage. Gaining the basic knowledge of forex trading signals is good but you need […]

How to Trade Forex for beginners

Previous Next To be a successful forex trader learning how the forex market operates and how to leverage the features of the market to make profits on a regular basis is very essential. The following essential forex metrics will assist you to learn how to trade forex profitably. 1.    Consider the Profit Factor The […]

Forex trading and Pivot points

Previous Next If you are learning to trade forex, “pivot points, are one of the terms you may come across. Pivot points are a group of support and resistance that is estimated before time to offer insight as to the position to either place a buy or sell order of a currency pair. Pivot points […]

Forex Scalping: What is Scalping? 

Forex scalping is a trading system that lets the trader trade by opening forex positions for a few minutes to enable them to make minor profits as fast as possible. When trading with scalping, a trader leaves his or her open position for just around three to five minutes, while at the same time opening […]