Giorgio Money LTD

117 Northchurch Road


N1 3NU



Tel: +44 0291284587

Our Team

Chiara Giordano

Public Relations (Venice ITALY)

Copywriter of our magazine.

Corrado Landi & HoSpitality Team

Head Office Giornalist (Venice ITALY)

Copywriter and giornalista.

Andreew Mikelon

Graphic Designer

Andrea Mikelon creates visual concepts to communicate information. They create everything from posters and billboards to packaging, logos and marketing materials.

Nicole Hilej

Project Manager (London UK)

Nicole is responsible for planning and overseeing projects within an organisation, from the initial ideation through to completion.

Our  co-working office building in Canary Warf, London. Contact us to arrange a meeting with the team !

Our office in Venice, Italy.